BARRY MCKAY - Freelance radio producer, presenter and journalist,
work with Australian Broadcasting Corporation radio, Australia

samples of audio work


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"Gay Lives" (53:24 mins)
Hindsight, February 2001
Barry McKay: Host, researcher, interviewer and producer,
executive producer: Jane Connors
In the days before Mardi Gras, sleaze balls and gay bars, homosexual men had few safe places to come together. Their sexuality was outlawed and their social life was restricted to private parties and those hotels where the proprietor turned a blind eye. Barry McKay talks to historians of gay culture and gay men of different ages to get the word on the dark and lighter sides of homosexual life in Australia from the 1930s to the 1970s.

Drag Party, 1950s Melbourne

"Go-Set - Pop and Circumstance" (53:15 mins)
Hindsight, December 2001
Barry McKay: Producer, researcher and interviewer
Hosted by Mitch O'Driscoll, executive producer: Michelle Rayner
Go-Set in its prime was more than just a music magazine. It gave voice to a generation of young people in the 1960s and 70s, questioning the values of the society in which they lived, which at times got Go-Set into hot water with the authorities. Featuring interviews with Philip Frazer, Molly Meldrum, Ross Wilson, Pat Wilson, Wendy Saddington, Russell Morris and other former Go-Setters. Hosted by Go-Set's 'roving girl reporter' Mitch O'Driscoll.

Go Set cover 1969 Wendy Saddington
Molly Melrum Go Set 1969

"The Media and Lindy Chamberlain" (18:20 mins)
The Media Report, June 2012

Barry McKay: Reporter, researcher and prodcer
executive producer: Kyla Slaven
Itís over 30 years now since a nine-month-old baby called Azaria Chamberlain went missing at Uluru in Central Australia. Was she taken by a dingo or was she murdered by her then 32-year-old mother? Or something else altogether? What followed was a rollercoaster of court cases and media scrutiny, all fuelled by theories and myths and conspiracies about what happened to Azaria and why. We take a special look back at the reporting of the Chamberlain case with some of the print journos who were at the centre of the story.

Lindy Chamberlain, 1980


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Go Set Magazine, ABC Local Radio Series
Barry McKay: producer, Hosted by James Valentine

Go Set logo
James Valentine

Go Set Magazine episode 1: Introduction (7:01 mins)

Go Set Magazine episode 2:
Advertisements in Go Set from the 60s & 70s (6:32 mins)

Go Set Magazine episode 3:
Go-Set staff member Ian "Molly" Meldrum (7:16 mins)

Go Set Magazine episode 4:
The artists who "Molly" helped make it big in Go-Set:
The Groop and Russell Morris (6:56 mins)

Go Set Magazine episode 5:
Go-Set's advice columns for teenagers (6:21 mins)

Go Set Magazine episode 6:
Normie Rowe in Go-Set (6:46 mins)

Go Set Magazine episode 7:
Groovy 1960s & 70s language as used in Go-Set
(7:16 mins)

Go Set Magazine episode 8:
Ross Wilson in Go-Set
(7:01 mins)

Go Set Magazine episode 9:
Overseas touring acts:
The Rolling Stones & The Monkees in Go-Set
(7:01 mins)

Go Set Magazine episode 10:
Overseas touring acts:
Led Zeppelin, Joe Cocker & Cat Stevens in Go-Set
(7:17 mins)

Go Set Magazine episode 11:
Issues that readers of Go-Set wrote in about (7:03 mins)

Go Set Magazine episode 12:
Australia's 1970s rock festivals as reported in Go-Set (7:00 mins)


Barry in the DW studio in Bonn

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