BARRY MCKAY - Freelance radio producer, presenter and journalist
work with Community Radio Network, Australia

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"It's Time" Website
broadcast nationally on an ongoing weekly basis since 2005
one of the CRN's most popularly listened to shows nationally
produced and researched by Barry Mckay
co-presented by Barry Mckay & William Brougham
Examples of past episodes available for listening on the website.

Easybeats "Friday on my Mind"
Abba "Dancing Queen"
Culture Club "Karma Chameleon"

Looking at the best of the Australian Charts from the date of this week,
from a year in the the 1960s, 70s & 80s,
using the charts from David Kent's Australian Chart Book

A few "It's Time" example episodes broadcast 2016 / 2017
The Australian charts, 23 Dec 1967 (59:50 mins)

The Australian charts, 8 January 1973 (59:50 mins)

The Australian charts, 22 Jan 1979 (59:50 mins)

The Australian charts, 1 Feb 1982 (59:50 mins)

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regular contributor: in reverse chronological order

Sydney Mardi Gras 40th Anniversary (12.3.18)
Aboriginal Drag act "The Dreamtime Divas" (5.3.18)
Riotous Sydney Mardi Gras origins (19.2.18)
Sydney Koori Gras: Aboriginal participation in Mardi Gras (5.2.18)
Marriage Equality Dawns Down Under (15.1.18)
Australian Senators say "I Do" (4.12.17)
Australian voters say "I Do" (20.11.17)
Meet Aboriginal Drag Queen "Destiny Haz Arrived" (13.11.17)
Aussie, Gay, Young and Out in the Country (30.10.17)
Marriage Equality supplants homophobia in Oz (23.10.17)
Australian Postal Plebiscite predictions (9.10.17)
Surviving the Australian Postal Plebiscite (2.10.17)
Pushing For "Yes" Down Under (25.9.17)
Aussies vote on Equality (11.9.17)
Australian Marriage Equality Snapshot (4.9.17)
Oz activists go postal over a mail-in equality plebiscite (14.8.17)
The Yellow Brick Road to Oz Marriage Equality (7.8.17)
Entertainer Be Steadwell wows 'em in OZ (3.7.17)


Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Sydney History Walk Series

Award winning series lookin at Sydney's LGBT history

listen online in RealAudio format (requires RealPlayer or browser plug-in)
Patchs gay disco, sydney

first broadcast OUT-FM, Sydney, 2000
Barry McKay: producer, Hosted by Mother Abyss & Sister Salome
won the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia award for "Excellence in Spoken Word Programming - News, Current Affairs and Documentaries" 2000

Melbourne Queen City of the South

Series looking at Melbourne's LGBT history
listen online in RealAudio format (requires RealPlayer or browser plug-in)
Val, famous Melbourne lesbian 1950s

first broadcast JOY-FM, Melbourne, 2002
Barry McKay: producer, Hosted by Graham Willett, JOY-FM presenters
and historians from the Australian Lesbian & Gay Archives

Difussion Science Radio
first broadcast 21 November 2016
Barry McKay speaks with Phil Hore about Australia's dinosaurs (27:37 mins)

Australian Dinosaur Museum Canberra

Difussion Science Radio
first broadcast 5 December 2016
Interview with Dr Stephen Poropat
about newly discovered Australian dinosaur "Savannasaurus"
(26:54 mins)

Dr Stephen Poropat and Savannasaurus skeleton, AAOD museum Winton Qld

Difussion Science Radio
first broadcast 30 January 2017
Digging Dinosaurs - Interview with Mitchell Seymour
Australian National Dinosaur Museum
(26:51 mins)

Dinosaurs at Australia National Dinosaur Museum

Radio Atticus, 2SER Sydney & CRN

first broadcast 23 January 2017
Legal bullying in the context of debt repayments
Will Dwyer, Credit & Debt solicitor, Redfern Legal Centre, Sydney (15.00)

Will Dwyer, credit & debt solictor, RLC


Barry in the DW studio in Bonn

Barry McKay CV